Did you know? Hemp has antibacterial qualities and fights odour

Did you know? Hemp has antibacterial qualities and fights odour-PIRKANI

The Majority of the fashion industry is dominated by synthetic fabrics, which are made from plastic fibres – fossil fuels, and release microplastic particles into the environment whenever washed. We need an eco-friendly alternative to make sustainable clothing.

While other natural fibres, such as organic cotton or linen, have significant benefits, ‘hemp’ fabric is often forgotten. Not a part of mainstream fashion, yet, hemp has been growing in popularity with sustainable fashion enthusiasts for its wonderful properties!

Unfortunately, for the past few years, the cultivation of hemp has mainly been restricted in the west to stop cannabis use – even though the type of hemp plant used to create hemp fabric has no psychoactive properties.

Now that we need sustainable fashion more than ever, it’s never been a better time to rediscover one of the best eco-friendly fabric – Hemp. Not just for its sustainability but also for its antibacterial and anti-odour qualities! Here are some interesting facts.

An example of sustainable farming

Hemp farming is an excellent example of sustainable agriculture. The plant needs little water to thrive and doesn’t need to be treated with any pesticides. This means that the areas it is grown in aren’t dried out and polluted with a runoff of toxic chemicals, which is often true for conventional cotton production.

Hemp can grow even in poor quality soil and in fact, nourishes the piece of land it grows in!

Hemp could save your life

Hemp isn’t just good for the planet; it’s also good for our health! Two studies from 2008 and 2009 have shown the ability of hemp fabric to stop bacteria's spread. Compared to plastic-based synthetic fibres, hemp is also very breathable. These two qualities can stop the spread of bacterial infections such as potentially lethal staph infections. Therefore, along with everyday wear, hemp fabric could also be an excellent solution for hospitals to use for bedding, hospital gowns, or fabric-covered furniture.

Keeping cool and odour-free

On a less serious note, there’s another reason why you may want to choose hemp for your sustainable clothing – it keeps you cool on hot days and fights odour. The fibre's antibacterial properties also stop the spread of odour, so you can save yourself a faux-pas or two in social situations and feel more comfortable in the clothes you wear.

Keeping you cool in the summer isn’t the only thing hemp is suitable for – thanks to its thermoregulating properties, it will also keep you warm during winter.

Unmatched durability

Lastly, we also need to discuss hemp’s durability. The fibres of the plant are very strong, which translates into the quality of the resulting fabric. Hemp clothing can be worn for years and decades on end without tearing or wearing out. It doesn’t stretch and keeps its original shape even after years of wear!

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