Pirkani | Brand Story

Welcome to Pirkani.

We’re a fashion-forward label with a difference. With sustainability at our core, we’re on an exciting mission to ethically produce contemporary British fashion with a minimalist design aesthetic to suit a range of styles and tastes.
As sustainability becomes more of a mainstream demand, we understand that individuals are searching for ethical fashion brands that they can rely on to create a contemporary, versatile wardrobe. To meet these needs, we’ve built our brand on a powerful foundation of values and ethics, rooting Pirkani in a company ethos that caters to the modern consumer while championing the concept of impactful fashion.

We established our brand to contribute to industry transformation.

While we’re steadfastly committed to being a frontrunner in the fashion industry, sustainability also remains a driving force behind what we do. With 100 billion garments being made each year to meet global needs, over 80% of this ends up in landfills or being destroyed. Fast fashion has fed into a consumerist culture and this has become a significant contributor to climate change.
With this in mind, we believe that we should be demanding more. It’s time to make changes to the way we approach modern apparel. As the new age of conscious shopping arises, we intend to bridge the gap between premium quality, high-end design and sustainable fashion.
Less is more. To achieve this vision, we’ve spent years honing our manufacturing process and successfully creating a modern, organic cotton range that is designed to persevere through passing trends and changing seasons.

However, a premium-quality organic cotton range wasn’t where we stopped.

We’re equally as passionate about using our place in the British fashion industry to make an indelible impact on the planet. That’s why we’ve conceptualized an initiative to plant a tree for every piece of sustainable clothing made under the Pirkani label.
As we’ve seen our vision for a healthier planet come into fruition, we’ve also looked inwards to ensure that our staff’s lives are changed for the better too. With our fair trade promise top of mind, we support the deserving individuals behind the brand by guaranteeing that every Pirkani employee earns a respectable living wage from farm to factory, emphasizing support for women in leadership roles along the way.

Today, we have a flourishing label with a product catalogue that has grown by 500% in under a year.

With our goals set high, we also aim to become a carbon-negative business by 2024, continuing to increase our modern fashion range without compromising on the ethics and values we hold dear.
With the positive growth that we’ve seen and the community we’ve established along the way, we have no doubt that we will achieve and surpass our goals. We’re grateful that we are able to make a tangible difference in our customers’ and employees’ lives as well as on the world as a whole with a considered, exceptional quality sustainable clothing line that not only makes you look great and feel confident but also leaves a lasting legacy that we can be proud of.

A Message from Our Founder, Dr Moiz Pirkani

As an entrepreneur who is acutely aware of the responsibility, we have to safeguard our planet, I have always felt strongly about the detrimental impact that the fashion industry has on the earth. I strongly believe that we all have a vital role to play in curbing the effects of climate change as our choices today are critical to the imminent future of our planet.
After graduating from the University of Manchester, a forefront institution in Sustainability, I set out to craft a collection of timeless, high-quality apparel that supported industry workers and contributed positively towards the fight against climate change.
When I founded Pirkani, I envisioned an ethically-focused community on the cutting edge of fashion that sought to change fast fashion habits and move towards the production of sustainable clothing. Today, we are proud to be upholding our promise to support workers throughout the entire production chain and remain accountable for the impact we have on the environment.
Embracing sustainable fashion and the circular economy is at the heart of Pirkani's mission to become one of the new leading fashion brands that is emerging with the evolution of conscious consumerism. Creating an ethical fashion brand that meets the foremost needs of 21st century consumers is a goal that my team and I continue to strive towards.
Simply put, Pirkani’s commitment to sustainability and excellence reflects the vision that I have always had for the contemporary fashion industry, which is why I am proud to have my family name incorporated into the brand. I look forward to seeing its continued growth as we change the face of the industry together.

Founder Dr Moiz Pirkani and the team during Tree Plantation Drive on World Environment Day 2021.