What is ethical and sustainable fashion? The hallmarks of sustainable development

Ethical fashion, sustainable fashion, eco-friendly fashion… These terms represent alternatives to fast-fashion, which has taken over the fashion industry in the last two decades. While they all have many things in common, they each have a distinct definition, encompassing solutions to slightly different problems in the current fashion supply chains.

In this article, we talk about promises and the landscape offered by the ethical fashion industry and emphasise how it seems to be the most all-encompassing alternative to fast fashion.

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Why is ‘Who Made My Clothes’ Important?

We’ve all heard of ‘slow fashion’, but have you heard of ‘ethical fashion’? Often, we focus on what our clothes are made of instead of considering ‘WHO’ makes them. You might think that machines make your clothing – taking a few presses of a button. In reality, most of our apparel is made by employees who are often exploited in the name of fast fashion.

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