Time to Upgrade Your Wardrobe? Go Green with Sustainable Fashion and Conscious Clothing-PIRKANI

Did you know what we choose to wear impacts the environment, the fragile ecosystem, and life on the planet?

The fashion industry now contributes more carbon to the ecosystem than aviation and shipping combined. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe this year, why not consider going green with sustainable and ethically sourced fashion options? Here are some factors to consider when choosing a conscious clothing option.

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The trend of sustainable fashion: why is it becoming so popular with millennial and gen Z shoppers?-PIRKANI

What is the environmental impact of the clothes you wear? This is a question more, and more of us have been asking ourselves. Sustainable fashion has massively risen in popularity over the last decade, as we are choosing to buy sustainable clothing trends rather than cheap fast fashion garments. What’s behind this rise of sustainable fashion? And what role do the youngest generations play in it?

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Eco-friendly clothing & innovation: addressing fast fashion issues with ethical fashion-PIRKANI

Some believe that coming back to our ancestors' ways can help us live a more sustainable lifestyle. But do we need to go back to what they wore? Well, not exactly. We can use the technological advances and scientific research as a driving force behind tomorrow's sustainable fashion industry; based around our ancestors' eco-friendly clothing.

In this article, we share how innovations help make fashion ethical and eco-friendly, with new solutions and alternatives to look forward to.

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Saving the planet with sustainable fabrics: is your closet green?-PIRKANI

If you’re new to sustainable fashion, you may have some questions: what makes a sustainable fabric? How is it different than conventional fabric? How is it beneficial for the eco-system? Our health and of farmers and factory workers who make the raw material?

In this article, we’ll share some of our favourite sustainable fabrics, why we consider them eco-friendly and how they would make a great addition to your closet the next time you’re looking for a piece of clothing.

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What is ethical and sustainable fashion? The hallmarks of sustainable development-PIRKANI

Ethical fashion, sustainable fashion, eco-friendly fashion… These terms represent alternatives to fast-fashion, which has taken over the fashion industry in the last two decades. While they all have many things in common, they each have a distinct definition, encompassing solutions to slightly different problems in the current fashion supply chains.

In this article, we talk about promises and the landscape offered by the ethical fashion industry and emphasise how it seems to be the most all-encompassing alternative to fast fashion.

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