Why Eco-Friendly Clothing is More Affordable Than You Think

Why Eco-Friendly Clothing is More Affordable Than You Think-PIRKANI

One thing that puts people off eco-friendly apparel is the idea that it’s more expensive. We know it’s easy to get caught up in the sticker price in the moment. It’s worth stepping back and considering the cost in context. How long will the garment last you? Is it a long-term investment? Does it spark joy and make you feel happy with your decision? Is it the same price as what you spend on takeout?

These are the things you should be considering when you’re hovering your cursor over the ‘add to cart’ button or when you’re standing in the store. Context is everything. Seeing the bigger picture helps you contextualise eco-friendly apparel and see how it’s more affordable than you might think.

The next time you’re thinking of buying an eco-friendly shirt, consider the following ideas mentioned below! They are our everyday examples of short-term pleasures that spark only momentary joy into your day.

Going to the pubs

If you’re someone who goes out partying, you know how expensive it can be. Even if you take out the cost of a new outfit or makeup, think about transport cost, admittance fee, and how much you spend on the night. Add in a midnight snack and an impulse purchase (we’ve all been there!) and it becomes more expensive than you ever imagined. That £24 shirt starts to look more affordable with every tap of your contactless card.

Eating out with friends

Going for a meal with friends at a fancy restaurant is something we all love to splurge on. There’s nothing better than being around a dinner table with your friends and enjoying comforting, nourishing food. It’s good for the soul – but rarely for your bank balance. You could easily spend £50, £60, or even £100 on a meal out with friends. While these meals are nourishing for the soul, it only lasts a few hours until your next meal. Your eco-friendly shirt will be with you for years to come.

Buying fast fashion continuously

On the flip side, we’re more likely to pull the trigger and buy something when we think we’re getting it for cheap. A £5 shirt might seem like the more affordable option, but not in the long run. Your £5 fast fashion shirt is likely to start showing signs of wear and tear within just one wash. You’ll usually get a few weeks of wear out of the shirt before needing to buy a new one. If a £25 shirt lasts you for 3 years, you’ll spend £60 buying £5 shirts that last for three months. Plus, oh, the environmental cost trade-off for £5!

£24 might strike you as expensive if you compare it to a £5 version from a fast-fashion brand. Step back and think of it as an investment, comparing it to the price of momentary pleasures. You’ll still have your shirt for years to come, when you don’t remember what you ate for dinner or where you went in that taxi.

Eco-friendly apparel is a long-term investment, saving you move in the long run by reducing your consumption and improving the longevity of your clothes. It’s kinder to you – and the environment. We think it’s an instant win-win.

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