The trend of sustainable fashion: why is it becoming so popular with millennial and gen Z shoppers?-PIRKANI

What is the environmental impact of the clothes you wear? This is a question more, and more of us have been asking ourselves. Sustainable fashion has massively risen in popularity over the last decade, as we are choosing to buy sustainable clothing trends rather than cheap fast fashion garments. What’s behind this rise of sustainable fashion? And what role do the youngest generations play in it?

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An image showing the effect of climate change, one side of the image has lush green grass while the other side is barren land.

Humans do not have a crystal ball and thus predicting future isn’t easy. However, given our unsustainable practices and with scientific calculations, we can predict with much certainty that deadly consequences for our planet are just on the corner.

We’re looking at a few of the unsustainable aspects of our lives and the cost that they’re having on our planet. With the help of IPPC’s latest report, we’re also taking a look at where our world could be in 30 years and how we can change that outlook.

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Eco-friendly clothing & innovation: addressing fast fashion issues with ethical fashion-PIRKANI

Some believe that coming back to our ancestors' ways can help us live a more sustainable lifestyle. But do we need to go back to what they wore? Well, not exactly. We can use the technological advances and scientific research as a driving force behind tomorrow's sustainable fashion industry; based around our ancestors' eco-friendly clothing.

In this article, we share how innovations help make fashion ethical and eco-friendly, with new solutions and alternatives to look forward to.

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Why Eco-Friendly Clothing is More Affordable Than You Think-PIRKANI

One thing that puts people off eco-friendly apparel is the idea that it’s more expensive. We know it’s easy to get caught up in the sticker price in the moment. It’s worth stepping back and considering the cost in context. How long will the garment last you? Is it a long-term investment? Does it spark joy and make you feel happy with your decision? Is it the same price as what you spend on takeout?

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